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Slender Slim 11 tea

Slender Slim 11 tea
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Model: 10g*18 bags
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Slender Slim 11 tea description: Slender Slim 11 tea using the most advanced biotechnology, concentrated extracts from a variety of natural bioactive qingzhi factor, is one of the world's most respected slimming beauty products, their unique special effects recipes, is unparalleled on the market similar products.

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Slender Slim 11 tea

Ingredients: grape, strawberry, ginseng, smoked, Fuling, Yu Li Ren, Chinese Yam, cassia seed, malt and other natural plant essence. Size: 10 g *18 Pack. White's three most popular thin abdomen Thin waist: abdominal breathing thin abdominal Fit type: belly fat-filled Specific rules: many OL normal weight, but has touched a lot of abdominal fat, and eating habits are a big reason. So filling-OL for belly fat, thin Web of the most reliable method is the "belly breathing". Breathe in, belly bulge, exhale, tight belly. Don't underestimate this breathing method, which can help to stimulate the bowel movement, promoting the excretion of waste in the body, smooth airflow. Always remember when walking and standing abdominal breathing, as long as a few weeks, not only tummy will tend to smooth, even walking posture can become fascinating. Thin waist method two: bath towels thin abdominal Fit type: postpartum weight Specific rules: effects increase with age and fertility, women weight first, starting from the waist. So wanted to bid farewell to the weight of the signs, you can rely on a bath towel to reduce abdomen. Spread a large towel on the bed, lay on. Seize the bath towel with both hands his feet, back. Knees bent, feet on the ground. Breathing, abdominal curl, rise up, neck, up to the shoulder and lift off the ground. Maintain this position, inhale while slowly straighten one leg, heel does not leave the ground. Breath, put the leg back to knee pose. Then another leg. Is important to note, breathing must be the order of the right, if we can keep doing every day 5 group, after two weeks, you can see changes in waist. Thin waist method three: massage Fit type: loose abdominal fat This is one of the most common abdominal weight loss method. Use kneading action combined with massage cream for fat is a good improvement. Massage can improve the skin's temperature. A lot of energy. Promoting intestine peristalsis. Reduce intestinal absorption of nutrients. Promote the blood circulation, was eliminated from the body by excess moisture. As the navel Center, a question mark in the abdomen. Question mark massage, first on the right, rear left, massage 30-50. Massage 1 times a day.

Chinese slimming tea

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