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super fat burning bomb slimming capsules

super fat burning bomb slimming capsules
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nt of" 28.1g of Procyanidins per 100g, vitamin 907mg "Appropriate groups," obesity, weight loss rebound several times. "Eat and the amount of" 1 times a day, 1 capsule, in or after half an hour of warm water before breakfast every day by swallowing; "Specifications" 400mg/grain X30 grains "Shelf life" of 24 months "Note" this product is not a substitute for drugs super fat burning bomb slimming capsules--New trend of health weight loss --2008 United States specifies the body of Miss contest brand pure natural fruit and plant extracts essence; "super fat burning bomb slimming capsules (Quick-impact total body slim)" originating from Europe and America, by United States famous plant nutrition expert Dr erkang Hua and Germany health and beauty expert Dr Stephen combined with modern medical theory, from peaches, apples, pomegranates, gamboge, blue raspberry, grape, green tea essence of natural fruit extracts, such as losing weight, refined with modern biotechnology health lose weight health food. Popular in Europe and America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Macao regions, film and television stars and models are welcome and rely on. In time, with "non-thin is not" advocating health lose weight person the latest fashion. super fat burning bomb slimming capsules (Quick-impact total body thin) is the essence in a variety of natural fruit extracts low temperature extraction, combined with Pearl powder, tea polyphenols, natural Spirulina, green plants, by the modern high technology which. Rapid decomposition of human fat, accelerate the metabolism of stubborn fat, inhibit fat absorption after meal, fruit diet fiber adsorption characteristics of oils, intestinal and selective removal of fats in the blood, thus reducing the size of fat cells! Inhibition of rebound, led to the loss of these elements. Health quick-fix weight loss is the latest generation of high quality goods. super fat burning bomb slimming capsules features: 鈽?Green diet, safe and non-toxic, natural fruit ingredients rich in diet factors and vitamins c, e, B1, B2, B6, such as cellulose, not only lose weight, but has the beauty of the effect, without any side effects. 鈽?Body sculpting, orthopaedic, no breast reduction is not diarrhoea, do not bounce. 鈽?New concentrated formula, new process, once a day, only one grain at a time, easy to take. 鈽?Results fast, same-day results.

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